Opening Friday June 4, Valley Artists is proud to present The 39 Steps

Spies, villainy, suspicion, murder, cruelty, fear, persecution and conspiracy. It’s been a shocking twelve months. But if you add adventure, love and comedy to the story you have an evening of utter escapism. That’s why we at Valley Artists have been working undercover, plotting and scheming, to present to you the multi-award winning, spy noir thriller, The 39 Steps.

Valley Artists’ The 39 Steps is a comic play involving some interesting numbers – 100, 139 and 4 being the key ones. 100 is the duration of the play in minutes, 139 is the total number of roles, and 4 is the total number of actors!  Our hero, Hannay, is played by Craig Howe, Siobhan Dillon plays three females, leaving the remaining 135 roles to be played by Alan Glover and Bob Philippe. They will be very busy.

 “Who the hell cares frankly, what does it all matter, wait a minute, come on Hannay! Pull yourself together man! Find something to do you bloody fool! Something mindless and trivial. Something utterly pointless. Something – I know a Valley Artists’ show!” We need a hero right now, we need a laugh and you will get them in spades in Valley Artists’ June 2021 production, The 39 Steps.

Opening Friday 4th June with performances 5th, 6th (Sunday Matinee 2pm), 9th, 10th,11th, 12th at 7.30pm at Laguna Hall.  

The Valley Artists Theatre will be Covid-safe.

Tickets on sale now