VA 25th Anniversary


Valley Artists Incorporated is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023!

The best way we can do this is by opening our doors to celebrate our achievements with you, our friends, our audience – our reason.

A theatrical company is a meeting of minds where roles are assigned and a team assembled to present a theatrical event on certain dates, at certain times, in a comfy place, at a comfy price.

To anyone and everyone who cares to attend.

This ever evolving gathering of people – writers, directors, actors, producers, handy people, set constructors, lighting designers, scenery painters, sandwich makers, illustrators, music makers, singers, dancers – are lively, active, committed folk from all walks, ages, and stages of life from all over our amazing valley – and sometimes beyond.

That’s why it’s ever evolving. Some people get involved for one or two shows, others seemingly every show. Some fall in love with the theatrics, some tick it off, some move away, but most stay and play.

Because … shows are ever evolving and different skills are required each time. And there’s been countless times, great memories and special moments in the twenty five years of putting on shows in Wollombi Valley, and that’s only been achieved through enthusiastic people getting together to nut out an idea and bring it to life.

‘Cause it’s fun!

And an equally enthusiastic audience whose patronage has kept us alive and whose sponsorship has given us the encouragement and security to make our next impossible idea possible. To entertain you while we have fun!

And those Valley Artists people you see having fun time after time over the past 25 years, include you; and you’re welcome to join in and help celebrate this milestone achievement!

We’re planning an afternoon of theatrical exploration, deep dives, and revelations. A look at the behind the scenes wizardry, the technology, the back stage shenanigans. All the fun stuff you don’t see from the comfy seats front of stage! Hear from the people who do it, those who put it all together – the how and why – and learn some secrets of the stage!

We’ll keep you posted on this great event and let you know more details as they unfold.

Stay tuned!