2017 Committee


President – Robyn Blackwell

Vice President – Alan Glover

Chair – Bob Philippe

Secretary – Alan Glover

Treasurer – Tim Williams

Public Officer – Micaela Elphick

Technical Officer – Andrew Jones

Marketing – Cath Paterson

Wardrobe – Lynda Marsh

Non Executive

Siobhan Dillon
Louise Clarke
Rosie Glover


Creativity, fun, hard work, commitment and a love of theatre has kept Valley Artists Incorporated, a not for profit Community Theatre Company in the Wollombi Valley, Lower Hunter, NSW going for 40 productions.

 The committee of VA who meet, giggle, run the business that is community theatre and support one another. The committee is characterised by respect, ingenuity, history, innovation and passion for good theatre. It is a privilege to serve on this committee alongside so many wonderful people.

If you would like to know more or get involved please feel free to talk to any of the current committee listed below or contact us at info@valleyartists.org.au