Sponsorship Details

Become a Valley Artists sponsor and you will receive tickets to both Valley Artists productions each year, advertising space in our programmes, as well as sought after seats at our much-coveted annual Sponsors Dinner.  Full of hilarity and wonderful entertainment, you will be wined, dined and entertained as a thank you for your ongoing support,  No doubt the VA Sponsors Dinner is sure to become a highlight on your yearly calendar.

Details for the 2020 Sponsors Dinner to be announced.

Sponsorship Packages 

Gold $900 – 6 tickets to two productions over a calendar year plus 6 tickets to Sponsors’ Night and 1/2 page advertisement in both production programmes.
Silver $600 – 4 tickets to two productions over a calendar year plus 4 tickets to Sponsors’ Night and up to a 1/4 page advertisement in both production programmes.
Bronze $300 – 2 tickets to two productions over a calendar year plus 2 tickets to Sponsors’ Night and up to a 1/8 page advertisement in both production programmes.
Aluminium $150 – 1 ticket to two productions over a calendar year plus 1 ticket to Sponsors’ Night and a mention in both production programmes.

Valley Artists needs your support

Valley Artists’ exists through the creativity, commitment and generosity of our local and neigbouring communities.

By means of Ticket Sales, Sponsorship and Donations we continue to produce community theatre at a professional level, create opportunities for local thespians to pursue their creative dreams both on and off stage, and further develop our craft through the upgrade and purchase of equipment. Advancing financial support allows us to run local educational and creative workshops throughout the year, support local school productions, facilitate community events, and assist in the further development of the arts within our local communities. Sponsorships and donations also empower us to send VA members on performing arts scholarships to such renowned companies as the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and the Australian Theatre for Young People.

We invite you to join us in our continuing mission to foster community involvement in local theatre. Through Ticket Sales, Sponsorship and Donations, we can continue to produce outstanding local entertainment, and keep tickets affordable. As a not for profit organisation no member of Valley Artists Inc receives financial benefit from their membership. Donations are always welcome and all gifts of more than $2 are tax-deductible.

You can also purchase Tickets, Donate or become a Sponsor in the following ways.

* By cheque to Valley Artists inc. c/- 616 Watagan Creek Rd, Laguna NSW 2325.

* By direct debit to the following account;

BSB: 637 000

Acct No: 720354926

Acct Name: Valley Artists Inc.

Contact us at sponsors@valleyartists.org for more info