Auditions for the family frying pan

The story: a group of people are forced to flee Russia in the years before the Revolution,
early 1900’s. They are led by a young woman, Sarah Moses. The eight other adult
characters each reveal their own life story as they gather around the camp fire each
evening. These characters are eclectic to say the least. Mrs. Moses, to be played by Fiona
Young, leads the group out of Russia to safety. Mrs. Moses made her way to Australia,
eventually settling in Bondi for the rest of her life. This is where the story starts and the
audience will travel back in time with the group of refugees from camp fire to camp fire
until the final scene.! !
There are still roles to fill. If you feel like treading the boards, or in this case the earth,
because we will be performing at the Village Green, Laguna, Janine will be only too happy
to speak to you and help with any enquiries.! !
The following shows the characters and general ages we are looking for.! !
! ! ! ! Anya! ! ! ! – 20 ish! ! ! ! !
Professor Slotinowitz ! – 50 ish!
Olga Zorbatov! ! – 40 ish!
Mr Petrov! ! ! – 30 ish!
Tamara Polyansky ! ! – 20 ish!
12 Children – 7 to 12yrs!
5 Teenagers! ! ! – 12 up!
Mr. Big Nose!! ! – 50 ish! !
Please ring Janine (02) 4998 8282 to book!
or email: