Can’t Pay? Wont Pay Setbuild Timelapse Video

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In November 2014, Valley Artists performed “Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay” a farcical comedy by famous Italian playwrights Dario Fo and Franca Rame.

Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!” is a fun-filled, twisted, comical farce of lies, deception and conception. The setting of Can’t Pay! Won’t Pay! is Milan 1971 where, caught in the midst of an impromptu rebellion at the local supermarket, put-upon housewives Antonia and Margherita are swept along in a protest against the escalating cost of living. The problems are all too desperately familiar to us in Australia in 2014; rapidly rising food prices, closing manufacturing industries, increasing powers afforded to those in authority and unfair pressures on the lower income earners. Sound familiar? This, however, is no gloomy political agitation!

This video shows the work performed by the stage crew and actors as they transformed the Laguna Hall from an empty hall to a fantastic performance space.

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By Dain Southwell

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