14th June 2019


First you will meet this woman –

Susan, from Alan Ayckbourn’s




to be directed by Micaela Elphick

(The Business 2017

Diving for Pearls 2011)


Susan has a perfect life – a loving husband, charming brother and a beautiful daughter. Or does she? An unfortunate encounter with a garden rake somewhere between the rose garden and the tennis courts of her palatial home leads her into the twilight zone, where nothing is quite like what it seems. Ayckbourn tells the story through a series of increasingly humorous interactions, with a cracking pace. From gently acerbic to rollicking farce it has a wide comic range. These days we need a old laugh and Micaela & Cast will deliver.


3734 Great North Rd Laguna, NSW 2325 [map]
(02) 4998 8112

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