The God of Carnage

Written by Yazmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton

Directed by Bob Philippe

May/June 2016

The God of Carnage came to Bob’s attention in 2015 after reading Art, which is another of Yasmina Reza’s very successful and funny plays. “I count myself very fortunate to have had the support of Valley Artists throughout the years in presenting my previous productions and indeed on this occasion to tackle this very modern comedy. This play asks the question : What happens when two sets of modern, civilised, middle-class parents meet up to resolve the unruly behaviour of their children? Most of us like to think that it would be a calm and rational debate between grown-ups about how to support the kids in learning to behave in a civilised manner. We are living in Australia according to the principles of Western society after all, and at the core of our sense of security is our need of order in our lives. However, lurking since the dawn of time, at our emotional edges, is the god of carnage.”

The God Of Carnage was artfully conceived and executed masterfully with performances from Micaela Elphick, Craig Howe Karen Jones and Darren Philip.

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