Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll

Written by Ray Lawler

Directed by Bob Philippe

With performances from Karen Butler-Hues (Pearl), Siobhan Turrell (Bubba), Carman Buchanan (Olive), Claire Di Natale (Emma), Alan Glover (Roo), Kenneth Barnett (Barney) and Stephen Pembroke (Johnny Dowd).

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll was the first Australian play to attain inter- national success. The Brits were stunned and moved by it. In fact they were stunned that they were moved by it, because they had never before seen the Australian character so lovingly portrayed. First performed at Russell Street Theatre in Melbourne on the 28th November 1955, The Doll is regarded as the most historically significant play in Australian theatre history, yet its themes remain relevant to this day the nature of happiness, the destruction and loss of idealism, ageing, security, our struggle to accept change and the concept of Australian mate-ship all engage our interest and concern today as much as they did fifty years ago. The NSW Department of Education has wisely reintroduced Th Doll into the HSC syllabus for 2007 giving a new generation of young Australians the privilege of experiencing g a very fine piece of Australian literature. The characters of this play are truly Australian. We know their faces, we know their voices, we share their dreams and we understand their failures. On behalf of Valley Artists and the cast and crew I had the great pleasure in presenting Ray Lawler’s Summer of tile Seventeenth Doll.

Bob Philippe