Written by local writers. Alan Glover, Bob Philippe, Michaela Elphick, Tegan Howell, Cordelia Howel

Directed By Alan Glover

Associate Directors Michaela Elphick, Bob Philippe, Tegan Howell

Actors and Writers (in no particular order)

Lincoln Free, Tegan Howell, Karen Butler-Hues, Cordelia Howell, Ken Barnett, Ana Ringma, Greg major, Micaela Elphick, Malcolm Goudie, Neville Newman, Peter McDonough, Ross Fletcher, Alan Glover, Bob Philippe, Eve Gray, Julie Simpson, James Whitington.

For a theatre practitioner there is nothing quite as thrilling as premiering original work. Particularly when the work is locally written and locally relevant. It was my joy to present to you, ‘eclecticA.’ My thanks to the writers in the valley. Many pieces submitted had to miss out due to time, theme, and/or difficulty of presentation. Several deserve individual production. With such a healthy writing fraternity I feel sure future nights of new work will occur. I would like to thank my Associate Directors, Bob, Micaela & Tegan, for their flexibility. They were limited in their choices of rehearsal scheduling, lighting, casting and even what they could direct. They accepted those limitations with good spirit and have produced quality work as you will see. Further, my thanks to Producers, Janine & Tim for never saying no (and sometimes saying yes before I even asked the question). Finally, the most thanks to the cast and crew for their patience and enthusiasm. My style of direction is very much about individual empowerment. If they hadn’t been ready, willing & able to tackle their various (& multiple) roles we wouldn’t have had the fun we had.

Kushto bok, Alan Glover Director