Valley Artists Inc is a dynamic & innovative community theatre group located in the Wollombi Valley, Lower Hunter NSW.

Valley Artists is a non-profit organisation surviving solely on ticket sales, enthusiastic members and the generosity of local sponsorship (our yearly sponsors dinner is a must-do on the valley’s social calendar).

Workshops we’ve conducted include acting, voice, Commedia del’ Arte, street theatre, sound, lighting, make-up and stage management. We regularly sponsor members to attend NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) to improve or add skills. This then filters throughout the company. Our productions have travelled outside the valley and we performed annually at the Wollombi Festival (1998-2002).

“Valley Artists is a good name for a group of artists who live and work in a valley. It would be a good name for a company that puts on plays and theatrical productions. And it is. But it’s a lot more than both of those things. It’s a community that has become an institution, with a reputation for putting on entertainment of the highest quality and standards. They’re a good mob, these Valley Artists. They’re organised and they’re professional. And they’ve made a name for themselves.

Nowadays, if you hear of a VA production coming up you tend to pen it into your calendar because you know you are going to see a top-quality theatrical event for way below city prices; but with originality, freshness and professionalism equal to or better than a lot of the stuff you would pay a small mortgage to see in the city.

You know you are going to be entertained and have a unique cultural experience brought to you by actors, technicians, producers and directors who have been in the business at some time or another and some who still are. Of course, not all of them have been in the business before. Sometimes you get beginners who are interested in learning the craft or experiencing the thrill of live performance. But they’re not being sent out to the front line alone. They’re backed up with the support, the expertise and the encouragement of the pros. Some of them have gone on to complete NIDA courses in their particular field, sponsored by the VA organization.

And another thing. These professionals don’t get paid. Why do they do it? It must be love. Love of show business. Love of performance. Love of theatre. Love of the camaraderie that comes with getting a production together. There is also the satisfaction unique to those who experience audience reaction. The exquisite excitement of live performance. There is nothing like it. Ask the Valley Artists. They’ll say come and see for yourself. Once you’ve seen a VA production you won’t want to miss another one. And you’ll probably rush to become a sponsor.

They’ve got an incredibly impressive past production list and the next one always promises to be another unique piece of theatre. So, if you want to see live theatre as you’ve never seen it before, book early. It will be entertainment as good as you will get, anywhere.”

Peter McDonough